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Is the Affordable Care Act confusing you?

Here are some clear educational resources to help you understand if and how this applies to your business

If you are an employer large enough to have to comply with the Affordable Care Act, there are two parts of the law that you must pay attention to: the coverage mandate and the related IRS reporting obligation. If you do not meet these obligations, you face steep penalties.

Knowledge is power so we’re on mission to get you up to speed!

How do I comply with the ACA?

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For ACA reporting at year-end, what exactly do we need to do?

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Why comply? What are the penalties?

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2017 Update on Penalties

  • The IRS was recently audited by the Treasury Inspector regarding the ACA Compliance Verification system that was put in place. Recommendations were adopted and the IRS appears to be moving forward.    

  • The 1095-C reporting needs to be done regardless – similar to the W-2 reporting. Fines are up to $520 per form.

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IRS Requirements for ACA Compliance

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