Q: How does Comprehensive Leave Manager get the count of active employees?
A: Comprehensive Leave Manager adds up the employees from all Dynamics GP companies except for test and historical companies.

Q: What causes Comprehensive Leave Manager to have higher than expected employee counts?
A: This is typically caused by having a “test” or “historical” company improperly named.

Q: How do I fix improperly named test and historical companies?
A: Rename Test and Historical company databases, ensuring that the end of the Company Name is appended with one of the following: “<TEST>” or “<HISTORICAL>”. See examples below:

  • Dextordinary, Inc. <TEST>
  • Dextordinary, Inc. <HISTORICAL>

Note: To access and modify the Company Name open the Company Setup window via Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Company when logged into the Test or Historical Company that needs modified.


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