If the saying goes, “time is money” then it stands to reason that wasted time is wasted money. You may be surprised at how much time is wasted throughout the office due to inefficient payroll processes. But no worries, you can save time and save money with GP Payroll add-ons – easy peasy.

Not only does inefficiency waste valuable time that we often can’t spare, but it also keeps you and your team from completing other important tasks or spending time with employees. As a result, you get further and further behind and as you rush through tasks to catch up, you could be making mistakes that can create additional problems. Turn inefficient tasks into streamlined, efficient tasks with better payroll solutions.

A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a great place to start when turning inefficient processes into efficient processes. Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll offer automation and streamlined ways to enter and share business data between colleagues in different departments or with managers and shareholders. In addition to a solid payroll solution, you can add enhancements to make ERP and common time-consuming tasks even speedier. There are times, for example, when a change is needed in payroll processing. Maybe one or more people were paid the wrong amount or their pay rate changed in the middle of the pay period. Instead of using a calculator to determine the change in value and voiding the inaccurate checks, you can turn multiple steps into a single-step process by adding the Negative Payroll Transactions solution by Integrity Data. Why waste time stuffing envelopes when you can email documents to your employees using the Employee E-Mail Suite. In just 3 clicks of the mouse, you can email a W-2, direct deposit statement, or another important document. Another time-saver is the workflow automation solution, U-LINC, by Integrity Data. You can streamline multi-step processes by adding automation to common, daily accounting practices. Instead walking down the hall to get a manager’s approval for an important accounting task, you can trigger an automatic email to notify the right people when a new customer is added to the system, for example, or a customer exceed their credit limit. Save valuable time and improve consistency with your financials and maintain compliance with accounting activities with U-LINC.

Inefficient processes can be costly and can create mistakes. Streamline common processes with a powerful ERP solution and the add-ons that can save time and improve productivity. Contact Integrity Data for more information about technology that introduces a new level of efficiency that will save time and money.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR