Stop Sulking - Learn 5 Ways to Take the Pout out of Payroll a webinar by Integrity Data

You likely spend hours of frustration every payroll period and continue going through the motions because…at least everyone’s getting their paycheck on time.

On May 25 at 11 AM Central, attend “Stop Sulking! Learn 5 Ways to Take the Pout out of Payroll” and leave with a solution that puts an end to your payroll pouting.

  • Automatically email direct deposits, W-2s and 1095-C statements
  • Gain flexibility to track and manage unlimited leave codes
  • Easily reverse automatic deductions
  • In one step, make payroll corrections and adjustments
  • In seconds, perform hypothetical net pay or gross-up calculations

The fix doesn’t have to be complicated to be impacting.

*These 5 payroll solutions compliment Microsoft Dynamics® GP


Keith Schmidt 100x100Keith Schmidt, Integrity Data
Senior Customer Care Representative and Inside Sales

Keith has been in the Payroll industry for 41 years. During those years, he has implemented ERP systems and Integrity Data add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, and has become a well-versed demo specialist for Dynamics GP as well as our software offerings. We trust that you will find the time spent with Keith to be invaluable. 


TITLE: Stop Sulking!
DATE: May 25, 2016 
TIME: 11 AM Central
DURATION: 45 min, plus live Q&A

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