Affordable Care Act 201 Educational Series for Employers

Access our Affordable Care Act 201 compliance training below

With the ACA Employer Mandate still in full force, it may be time for a refresher. Or, if you are new to ACA, an efficient way to get up to speed. Either way, it’s time to take the training wheels off (again)!

Below, you will find video recordings of our live webinar and slide decks for each of the following topics: Concepts behind the mandate, how to classify an employee as full-time, determining eligibility, choosing pay-or-play strategy and required recordkeeping for the IRS.

We recommend you begin the educational journey by downloading the slide decks for note taking while viewing each of the recordings. Each video ranges 15-25 minutes, making it easy to consume in stages or all at once.

*Please note, the content of these videos was created in 2018 and while dates are referenced as such, the content is still relevant. For current deadlines, please visit our ACA Education Page.

Watch On-Demand Recordings – ACA Compliance Training for Employers

Whether you were unable to attend one of our sessions or you’d like to share
content with a colleague, watch recordings of our summer ACA educational series.