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ACA Functionality for Payroll NOW

Yes, you have access to the Integrity Data ACA software solution.  Standard ACA software access is part of your Payroll NOW subscription at no additional cost.  The software is available for your use but not integrated into the Payroll NOW application.  Our ACA solution allows you to generate 1095/94-C forms, distribute these forms and e-file them with the IRS. Using the software, you can also use our ACA solution for monthly eligibility determination if needed.

Step 1: For an ACA demonstration, contact your Customer Success Advocate

Step 2: If you are pleased with the demo and decide to use our ACA solution, our ACA Specialists will help you get started and set up a link to our cloud services to access the ACA system. During your 1st  initial call, we will discuss the ACA system configuration, including data uploads overview and generating and E-filing 1095/94-C forms.

Step 3: After your call, you will know how to begin the upload process of your employee census and monthly payroll transactions for hours and health deductions using the provided excel templates.  This data is used to generate accurate 1095-C’s at the end of a calendar year and is needed to use our eligibility tracking for monthly IMP and the yearly SMP during open enrollment for health insurance.

Alternatively, at an additional cost per month, Integrity Data offers a Full-Service option where you send us your data through a secured site, and we do the work for you.  A dedicated customer success ACA specialist uploads your data, sends you the eligibility reports, and completes the year-end form generation and filing with the IRS on your behalf.

For more information on demonstration, quote, and technical support, please contact our Customer Success Advocate at or 888.786.6762. The ACA support team is available to assist you throughout the ACA filing season Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST. You also have full access to our ACA User Guide, Knowledge Base Articles, and other educational resources within the ACA solution. To learn more about ACA and other products, visit


ACA Exports in Payroll Now

Periodic Activities >> ACA Compliance >> Create ACA Export Files

Payroll Now ACA users can export their employees, dependents, and transactions in an acceptable format for import into the ACA Solution. Once you create ACA Export Files, if you want to create the same files again, you have to select “Mark Records as ACA Info Not Sent” to recreate the export files with the same data.


Using the filter options on the Create ACA Export Files window, select all or a subset of employees to create.

Note: Monthly imports into the ACA Solution are advised to track employment history, and, to ensure accurate 1095- Cs at the end of the year, monthly imports are recommended.


For self-insured ACA customers, dependent coverage should be tracked for their health plans using the “Starting Date” and “Ending Date” fields on the dependent record. For dependent data to be exported successfully, a Benefit Category must be set up in the system.


Using the Create ACA Export Files report filters, the user can filter to a subset of payroll codes to include in the ACA export files. We recommend all earnings, deductions, and employer contributions to be included in the export.

Creating the ACA Export File

Once you’ve applied the filter criteria on the ACA Export File report window, click the Ok button to create the ACA exports. Next, you’ll be taken to the Payroll Files window. From here, you can download the .txt files for import into the ACA Solution. This window cannot be navigated to, so download all files from the window while you have it open.

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