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Level Hierarchy Setup

Level hierarches allow you to assign specific departments/funds that an employee can choose from when clocking in.

From you ATA Dashboard, click the ‘Configuration’ tab and hover over ‘Rule Setup’. Select ‘Level Hierarchy Plan’ from the dropdown menu.

You will see any Hierarchy Plans that are already available to use. If these plans are not what you need, click on ‘Add New Level Hierarchy Plan’ to add your new plan.

After clicking on Add New Level Hierarchy Plan, you will complete the information for your new plan.  Your information is the different labor levels in tiers that are need for your employee to select from. The employee will only be able to see and select from the levels that you have assigned them.

Click on each level the employee needs on the right and click ‘Add Level Codes’ after each selection. The levels will be moved to tiers on the left.

Click on ‘Save’ when you have completed your selections.

When the employee starts their clocking, the employee will select the base level and their tier under the base level that is appropriate for the work they will be completing on this day/time.

Now that your Level Hierarchy Plan setup is complete, you need to assign your employees to it.

Click on ‘Assign Employees’

There are multiple ways to locate the employee that you want to assign to the Level Hierarchy.

  • Enter the employees Employee/Card ID or start typing the employees name, when the employee’s name pops up, select it to populate the field.
  • Type the first 3 -4 letters of the employee’s name and click on Filter and it will show all employees with those letters in their name.
  • Select the Main Supervisor and click on Filter
  • Select Level and the tier under it that the employee is in and click Filter.

After you have located the employee you want to assign, click the box next to the employee that you want to assign to the Level Hierarchy.

Click on ‘View Assigned’ and a check mark will appear next to ‘Card Id’.

Click ‘Confirm’ and a box will pop up asking if you want to save your changes, click ‘OK’.

You will receive a message telling you your assignment was successful, click ‘OK’.

If you want to test your Level Hierarchy setup, click on ‘eTimeClock9’ at the top of your Dashboard screen.

Select the language you want, English or Spanish.

Enter the employee’s ID and hit enter on your keyboard.

The view of your timeclock my vary due to your setup. Click on ‘Start’.