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Effective Date Use in Database Records and Reports

Access Position Organization

Select Position Organization under Employee Maintenance

Position Organization

  • Position/Organization records are stored with an effective date.
  • A Position/Organization record is not current within the system until the effective date has been reach and until a subsequent record with a later effective date has been reached. Only one record is in effect at a time.
  • Best practice is NOT to have multiple Position/Organization records for the same employee on the same day.
  • If you make an error on entry, or need to update a record with additional information, it is possible to edit records for those purposes. However, if there is a real change to the employee’s information (status, position, org structure, etc.), the proper process is to ADD new records with the appropriate effective date. This will allow you to track these changes over time and be able to look at and report on the history of those changes.
  • Terminations are NOT handled here.


  • There is a dedicated process for terminations. Access this process by clicking the “Go to Termination” button, or by finding the “Terminate Employee” menu item.


  • Rehires ARE handled from this page. If this is a Rehire, be sure to toggle the “RE-HIRE” indicator on. Note: if the employee is currently Inactive (terminated), you will need to lock-in to the Inactive employee with the Top Bar search of the employee. They will NOT show up in the dropdown list within the “Add” block.

Rehire Process

  • The Rehire process now supports the ability to pick an Onboarding Task List and sending the Rehire through Onboarding for the Rehire to update any new information and/or collect new documents. The compensation level can also be set for the Rehire in this process.

Adding a Position/Organization

  • When a record is “Added”, it will default to the CURRENT record’s information.  From there, you will adjust what has changed.  Each record is meant to be filled out with that time period’s information and why the new record is defaulted with information.

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Last Review: 01/04/2022