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Applicant Tracking / Recruiter Setup

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Job Posting

Step 1: Use the “Recruiters” section to search for and link users who are recruiters that you want to tie to the Job Posting.

Step 2: After searching/selecting a user, it is very important to click the “Link Recruiter” button to formally make the connection. After the link is successful, you will see them listed in the “Linked Recruiters” list.

  •  Recruiters can be setup with specific permissions to have a reduced view of the system and only have access to the relevant Applicant Tracking pages.
  • Being a Recruiter on a Job Posting will allow ONLY that user to see Applications that come in for that Job Posting. So, be careful when assigning a single Recruiter, and understand when you might want to include another Admin user as well, so they both have access.


  • In the Applicant Tracking category for Notifications, you can assign Recruiters as recipients for the notifications. Some Notifications have Recruiters setup as defaults.
  • For this category, there will be a “Recruiters” option under the “Include Other Groups”.

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Last Review: 12/30/2021