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Quarter End Process for Tax Filing



After posting your last payroll or batch of the quarter, you will select the Quarterly toggle by clicking on it. You will make sure that the year and Quarter are correct. You will then process by clicking on the process button. This button is used to submit the periodic or quarterly records to the Integrity Data System. If you process any adjustments after you have done this process, you will need to submit the payroll and run this again. Please contact your Tax Filing Specialist in this situation so that we can be sure the reports are updated.


Once the quarterly file has been processed, you will be emailed a report stating your total liabilities for the quarter. You will need to verify the information and reply with any changes before the deadline provided or the returns will be processed with the totals that have been supplied to you.

You may see variances in the data. This is most common if there are any differences in the unemployment tax rates. Our system will create a credit or debit based on this information and either pull extra funds needed or return funds pulled in excess.


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