Strong Benefit Programs need to be supported by Strong GP Benefits Management Software

Offering strong benefit programs is one way to attract and retain the skilled candidates you need; however, these programs can be a burden to manage. When offering an assortment of benefit programs, streamline your benefit program management by putting our Microsoft Dynamics® GP Benefits Administration Solutions in place.

Managing multiple benefit programs can be challenging, especially with manual processes and GP out-of-the-box not quite handling everything efficiently: establishing variable leave policies, life insurance and retirement programs can be good for your employees and your business but can be challenging in GP. When you add-on our easy-to-use GP benefits management software solutions, this becomes much easier. Data collection, tracking and reporting doesn’t become a time suck for your human resources and payroll teams.

“As a company managing eight different payrolls and 2800 employees, Comprehensive Leave Manager has helped us handle multiple types of vacation accruals. I absolutely love it!”

Trisha Tretter, Payroll Specialist, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

“We have multiple 401(K) contribution options available to our team members and love how Enhanced Retirement Plans makes it possible for the 401(K) administrator to combine both the benefit and deductions when monitoring for the yearly cap. Additionally, the software makes it easier to track those who are on the catch-up contributions without having to manipulate the dynamics benefit/deduction cards yearly caps.”

Dawn Barber, IT Business Analyst, Poet

“Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager solution has made it possible to set up and manage many unique leave plans for our customers. I can always count on knowledgeable and friendly staff at Integrity Data to help with any set up questions. The solution is great as well as the support you receive afterward. Thanks!”

Tina Winters, Partner, Central Services Association