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Central Service Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1937 as a cooperative effort to utilize centralized expertise to perform utility customer billing and other joint services. Today, CSA has evolved to offer a wide range of services including professional and consulting services, networking, internet services, hardware and software sales, employee benefit plans and other assistance for public utilities. Knowing utility customers were about to face a new challenge with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Association proactively began looking for a solution to help them comply. 

Jeffrey had been working with Integrity Data and their Dynamics GP payroll solutions for leave management and payroll transaction adjustments since 2009. So, naturally he was inclined to contact them about an ACA solution first. However, at that time, Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance Solution was still in development so CSA purchased a different software, “I had to find something for 45 of our customers and really wanted to get the ball rolling in order to have time to test and learn it first,” explained Jeffrey. “In researching the laws around ACA, I discovered that the other software was not working properly in some areas. I asked our software provider to make the needed changes, but by October 2015, the fixes were still not in place. I knew Integrity Data was working on their ACA solution, and after seeing a demonstration, I knew it was exactly what we needed.”