Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 Download

This product is no longer supported by Integrity Data or Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

  • No longer officially supported – existing files are supplied as a courtesy

  • If you are upgrading from Employee E-Mail Suite 12.0.7 (SP2) you may receive an error after upgrading to 12.0.14 (R2 Year End) contact for additional install steps

  • If you are upgrading from Comprehensive Leave Manager we recommend recreating reports dictionary when you upgrade

  • Contains ACA V3 Year End updates – see upgrade documentation below.

Employee E-Mail Suite

  • Outlook 2010 and 2013 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2013: Outlook Setup.exe
    Outlook 2016 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2016 click Here

  • Outlook 2007 requires using SMTP settings. It does not have a supported Outlook Addin

  • 2017 W-2 Instructions: W-2 Instructions.pdf (Last supported year 2017)

Software Version
Comprehensive Leave Manager 12.0.52 7/25/2018 Performance fix, reprint check items, LTD calculation option User Guide
Employee Accounts and Splits 12.0.14 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
Employee E-Mail Suite 12.0.27 7/25/2018 Maintenance Release User Guide
Enhanced Retirement Plans  12.0.10 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
FTE Manager  12.0.14 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
Life Insurance Tax Calculator  12.0.13 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
Mid Pay Period Rate Changes  12.0.14 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
Negative Deduction Enhancements  12.0.9 12/08/2017 2017 Year End User Guide
Negative Payroll Transactions  12.0.8 7/25/2018 Business Expense code fix User Guide
Overtime Hours Rules  12.0.29 6/08/2018 Support 7th Day DoubleTime User Guide
Paycheck “What If” Calculator  12.0.27 7/25/2018 Deleted Pay Code User Guide
ACA Compliance Solution 12.0.33 05/06/2016 This product has been replaced
with our ACA Compliance Solution
and is no longer supported in
Dynamics GP
Contact us for your upgrade
User Guide
Integrity Cloud Connector 12.0.12 02/01/2018 Maintenance Update User Guide