GP 2016 Software Download

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Note: If you have any customizations in and around Dynamics GP Payroll and HR or Integrity Data products, please note that the current product releases may not be compatible with your customization. Please ensure to test against this release and contact us at for assistance upgrading your customization.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2016 Download

Download GP 2016 R2

Employee E-Mail Suite

  • Outlook 2010 and 2013 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2016: Outlook Setup.exe
    Outlook 2016 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2016 click Here

  • Outlook 2007 or Outlook 365 requires using SMTP. There is not a supported Outlook Addin for Outlook 2007

  • 2018 W-2 Instructions: W-2 Instructions.pdf

ACA Compliance Solution

  • ACA Compliance Solution does not have a install for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. The ACA Compliance Solution for GP 2016 is available in our hosted/cloud environment.

Comprehensive Leave Manager

Software – Compatible with 
Microsoft Dynamics 2016 RTM





Comprehensive Leave Manager 16.0.2212/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Employee Accounts and Splits 16.0.1012/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Employee E-Mail Suite 16.0.1612/10/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Enhanced Retirement Plans  16.0.912/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
FTE Manager  16.0.1012/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Life Insurance Tax Calculator  16.0.1012/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Mid Pay Period Rate Changes  16.0.912/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Negative Deduction Enhancements  16.0.1012/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Negative Payroll Transactions  16.0.1112/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Overtime Hours Rules  16.0.1712/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Paycheck “What If” Calculator  16.0.1612/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide
Integrity Data Cloud Connector 16.0.912/5/20182018 Year EndUser Guide