GP 2018 Software Download

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018 Download

Download GP 2018

Employee E-Mail Suite

  • Outlook 2010 and 2013 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2018: Outlook Setup.exe
    Outlook 2016 Addin for Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2018 click Here

  • Outlook 2007 or Outlook 365 requires using SMTP. There is not a supported Outlook Addin for Outlook 2007

  • 2017 W-2 Instructions: W-2 Instructions.pdf

ACA Compliance Solution

  • ACA Compliance Solution does not have a install for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. The ACA Compliance Solution for GP 2018 is available in our hosted/cloud environment.

Comprehensive Leave Manager

Software – Compatible with 
Microsoft Dynamics 2018 RTM





Comprehensive Leave Manager 18.0.84/20/2018CLM & EES Paystub Performance, CLM Self Service UpdateUser Guide
Employee Accounts and Splits 18.0.21/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Employee E-Mail Suite 18.0.74/20/2018CLM & EES Paystub Performance, CLM Self Service UpdateUser Guide
Enhanced Retirement Plans  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
FTE Manager  18.0.21/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Life Insurance Tax Calculator  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Mid Pay Period Rate Changes  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Negative Deduction Enhancements  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Negative Payroll Transactions  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Overtime Hours Rules  18.0.36/08/2018Support 7th Day DoubleTimeUser Guide
Paycheck “What If” Calculator  18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide
Integrity Data Cloud Connector 18.0.11/31/2018RTMUser Guide