Comprehensive Leave Manager allows a pay code to create an HR instance automatically through payroll.  Within Comprehensive Leave Manager, you can map a pay code that would create an FMLA instance, then when the system processes the pay code through payroll. it creates the HR instance.  Comprehensive Leave Manager prints a report to show the instance information and any exceptions, if it was unable to create the instance. 

Comprehensive Leave Manager also has an employee specific calendar, which overrides the company calendar if you assign it to the employee.

Attached is the HR manual, page 221 talks about FMLA in HR.  When it talks about creating an instance, you can do this directly in HR or you can use the Comprehensive Leave Manager FMLA Payroll Setup window HR Payroll > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits and Deductions > FMLA Payroll Setup) to map the pay codes and automatically create the instance for you.

The following windows are what you would set up if you want to use HR FMLA and let Comprehensive Leave Manager auto create the instance.

  • HR – Benefit Preference (HR & Payroll > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits and Deductions > Benefit Preferences)
    • The rolling calendar functions just as the law requires.  There is not any documentation on the process
    • You can set up a companywide FMLA calendar
  • Comprehensive