Question: “Additional, Edit 1095-C Information” will allow us to update what is reported on a 1095-C. If the Offer of Coverage code was not set until June, should adjustments be made?

Answer: There may be some times in which you may need to edit the 1095-C information for a specific employee. The functionality mentioned in the question will be allowed. Keep in mind that there are two existing functionality that will happen during the year end close that may make it unnecessary. If you have a non-calendar year plan and that plan is eligible for transition relief for CY2015, you will have the opportunity to designate that when doing the ACA year end close. We also have the ability in ACA Company Setup to put in an initial stability period date in which a company became compliant if they missed some months. Using this, we will automatically populate the affected months with the correct code.


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Last Review: November 18, 2015 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

Categories:  Year End – 1095 & Filing

Keywords:  Edit, Non-calendar