General Changes:

  • User ability to invite support personnel to a control session
  • Performance improvements for report processing
  • Minor underlying platform improvements


Invite support to a control session

As a user of cloud services ACA compliance Solution you now have the ability [if directed by a Customer Care Representative] to activate a support control session.

As the name implies the session gives the customer care representative the ability to log into, and actively manage, your tenant. This can be useful during a troubleshooting session or for reporting problems. This type of session is time-limited, requires explicit permission on your part, and constitutes your granting access to allow the representative access to your tenant and data.

**NOTE: This is not meant to be used as a substitute for implementation services or for minor issues. It is a tool to be used when both the client and customer-care team representative mutually agree on this course of action.

**Important: Simply clicking on the “Create Support Session” button will not create a trouble ticket or notify customer care of an issue. That should be done before taking this action. See the steps below for a preview of the functionality.


Performance improvements for report processing

The Cloud Services ACA Compliance Solution will now handle report requests and queuing more efficiently. This should allow more simultaneous users to access the system resulting in better performance for all during peak times.


Minor underlying platform improvements

Improvements not visible to the user such as database optimization and code streamlining.


Steps to invite support to a control session:

  • Navigate to Global Settings > User Management
  • Click on “Create Support Session”


When the Support User Lookup appears:

  • You can change the expiration date and time (it defaults to 24 hours from opening the Support User Lookup)
  • Select the radio button next to the name of the support representative you are speaking with
  • Click the Create Session button


The Support User Lookup box will close. Refresh the page in order to see the support session countdown. The chosen support user now has the ability to access your tenant. 

The session will expire automatically or you can choose to End Session. This will disconnect your support session and the support user will no longer have access to your information.


Questions / Resources

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ACA Compliance solution

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