Age banded setups are easily tracked in the ACA Cloud Solution and the 1095-C Part II will reflect accurately for each employee taking a particular band. Age Banded simply means that for different ages of the employee there is an incremental increase in the monthly health deduction. For example single employees between age 20 and 29 are offered a plan costing $95.00 per month. An employee from 30- 39, the cost is $150.00. An employee between 40 and 49, the cost is $210.00 and the cost over 50 years of age is 290.00.

Each of these plans would have a different plan name with the upload. For example: HEALTH20, HEALTH30, HEALTH40, and HEALTH50. You will then set up the ACA Plan accordingly for each band offering, as the example for two of the four below.

The ACA Information Assignment window must be completed in order for the 1095-C Part II to accurately reflect the different offerings of Heath to different segments of the employee population.  Those descriptions will need to be uploaded in the User Defined column (or Department or Job Title but usually User Defined) for those that actually take the insurance in an age band.  See below.

The system then searches for a User Defined of Health20 and on that employee’s 1095-C line 14 a 1A is assigned as dictated by the HEALTH20 ACA Plan of a Federal Poverty Line Safe Harbor. The other three plans are set up as Rate of Pay Safe Harbor in the ACA Plan and show as follows:

  • A Health30 employee would show on Part II, 1E/$150.00/2H for lines 14,15,16.
  • A Health40 employee would show 1E/$240.00/2H.
  • A Health50 employee will show 1E/$290.00/2H.

All other employees who do not fall in an Age Band Health Plan or elect not to take health insurance would default to the ACA Plan BCBS attributes that your company offers, as showing above in this ACA Information Assignment window and in the ACA Plan window.


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