This is one of three options to display Comprehensive Leave Manager leave time on the check stub. To review all options or to review options for Mekorma check stub click here.

Complete the following steps to add the leave code, per pay period earned, per pay period taken and available balance to the Employee Check and Earnings Statement.

Note: Using this option, you do not setup the pay stub information from the Leave Setup window. To use the options available on the Leave Code Pay Stub setup window click here.

1. Open Report Writer.
Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer

2. Select Comprehensive Leave Manager for the Product and then click on the Reports button.  You can use the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP report in Comprehensive Leave Manager. Any modifications to the Microsoft Dynamics GP report will need to be completed again on this report. Typically, this is masking the SSN or Bank Account number. To proceed with this option complete Using Comprehensive Leave Manager standard report instructions below.


Using Comprehensive Leave Manager standard report instructions

The user may select the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP form to insert and modify by completing the steps below.

  1. Within the Original Reports section, select the Employee Check and click the Insert button to move the report to the Modified Reports section.
    028 3
  2. Select the inserted report, click the Open button
    028 4
  3. Select the Layout button028 5
    The Direct Deposit Statement comes with three Leave Code Balance fields on the Statement.  To add more Leave Codes to the Direct Deposit Statement complete the following steps:
    028 6
  4. Within the Toolbox window, select the Calculated Fields from the drop down list.
  5. Select Leave Code Balance 4 and drag it into the visible area of the check.
  6. 14. Select additional Leave Code Balance fields based on the number of leave codes to print on the check. Ensure to select the appropriate incremented Leave Code. For example, Leave Code Balance 4 and then Leave Code Balance 5.
  7. Close and Save the Modified Report.

    The check will need more information added than the direct deposit statement.  You will need to add text fields for the Code, Earned, Taken and Remaining field and add lines to create the boxes.  You may need to remove Pay Code Array’s and edit the check layout to incorporate the Leave Balance information.

  8. Log into Microsoft Dynamics GP and set Security to the new Comprehensive Leave Manager Modified Form.

Adding Calculated Fields

If you do not have the options for Leave Code Balance 1 through 10 already under calculated fields you can create them using the steps below. Ensure the constant starts at 1 instead of 11.

If the user has more than 10 leave codes assigned to an employee they may add additional calculated fields to display on the Employee Check and Earnings Statement. Complete the following steps to create additional calculated fields:

  1. Within the Toolbox window, select Calculated Fields from the drop down list and then select New.
    028 7
  2. The Calculated Fields Definition window will open; enter Leave Code Balance 11 as the Name.
  3. Select String for the Result Type and then select the Function Tab.
  4. Select System for Core and then select rw_leave_codes for the Function.
  5. Click the Add button.
    028 8
  6. Select the Fields tab and then select Payroll Master for the Resources.
  7. Select Employee ID for the Field and then click the Add button.
    028 9
  8. Select the Constants tab and then select Integer for the Type.
  9. Select 11 for the Constant. If there are, no calculated fields in report writer enter one instead of 11 on this step.
  10. The integer will need to increase for each calculated field added.
  11. Select the Add button.
    028 10

After the calculated fields have been added complete the previous steps to add the fields to the check.

Questions / Resources

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Last Review: 5/3/2016 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To:
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2