Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2013 R2 Features

Employee E-Mail Suite GP 2013 R2 Features


Do you ever wish you could import a previously processed payroll batch without voiding and reprocessing the payroll?

With the new feature, Create E-Mail Earnings History, you can quickly and easily import a previously processed payroll batch into the E-Mail Earnings Statements window and select employees to email.  The system will import employees, which are setup with Direct Deposit and have an email address on the Internet Information window into the E-Mail Import Batch. 

EES R2 Features 1

We also added a display for the batch, which is selected for processing in the E-Mail Earnings Statements window.

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In November/December, Employee Email Suite will have a compliance release that updates the W-2 Statements form to the latest year-end form. We have added a report year display to E-Mail W-2 Statements.  This field will display the year format of the report that is being sent.  The Year drop down list still allows you to select the year-end wage file you would like to process.  If you are processing for year-end wage file 2014 but the Report Year displayed is 2013 then this is an indication the year-end compliant release has not been installed.  You can check the version and download the correct install from our website.

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We have also enabled simpler tracking of Inactive and Active employees for the Manage W-2 Recipients list.  This functionality will allow you to display only inactive employees and unmark any which no longer should receive an E-Mail W-2 Statement.  

Last Review:       February 2, 2015 – Revision: 1.0

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  • Employee E-Mail Suite Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
  • Employee E-Mail Suite Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
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