Integrity Data Product Release Notes for Dynamics GP 2015 RTM

Integrity Data Product Release Notes for Dynamics GP 2015 RTM


New Features:

Comprehensive Leave Manager Version14.0.4

  • Multi-Accrual rules for one leave code
    • Enable start and stop of accrual rules. For example, if the first year the accruals are different from subsequent years.  You can setup a rule for year one and stop it automatically.  Then setup a rule for
    • Setup multiple rules be assigned to one leave code

Defects Fixed:

FTE Manager Version 14.0.2

  • Improve Copy Employee Positions functionality.

Employee Accounts and Splits Version 14.0.2

  • Improve Copy Employee Positions functionality.
  • Moved Save button on the Employee Splits and Splits setup window when using ribbons.

Mid Pay Period Rate Changes Version 14.0.2

  • Fixed Mid Pay Period Rate Changes calculate the wrong amount when vacation is on the first day of the salary pay period and transaction auto splits is in use

Negative Deductions Enhancement Version 14.0.2

  • Negative Deductions Enhancement report displays all user records. Changed to only display the current user records.
  • Removed orphan records Negative Deductions Enhancement did not remove when removing the build.

Negative Payroll Transactions Version 14.0.2

  • Without Advanced Payroll (HRMSS) when processing a Negative Payroll Transactions the system was calculating the wrong shirt premium.

Paycheck What If Calculator Version 14.0.2

  • The system was using the setup record not the maintenance record for deduction method.
  • The system was not notifying the user when the deduction method for a what if calculation is different than the setup or maintenance record and allowing them to process but not include the deduction.
  • The system was leaving the batch in a busy state even when the gross up calculation was finished.

Overtime Hours Rules   

  • None

Life Insurance Tax Calculator

  • None 

Enhanced Retirement Plans

  • None

E-Mail Earnings Statements

  • None



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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 RTM

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