Comprehensive Leave Manager has three warnings for negative leave balance information.

First,when a taken transaction is entered in the Payroll Transaction Entry window and the transaction will result in a negative balance, the system will warn, “This Pay Code will cause the Leave Balance for Leave Code ‘LEAVE2’ to be negative. Do you want to continue?” 

Negative Balance Warning Image 1

Second, during the Payroll Build process, the Leave Code Negative Balances report will print. As shown below, this report will show which leave codes will go negative. This report only prints if there will be a negative balance. If none of the transactions cause a negative balance, this report will not print. 

Negative Balance Warning Image 2

Third, Comprehensive Leave Manager will display a message on the Check File Report to indicate that the transaction will exceed the available balance.

Negative Balance Warning Image 3

Human Resources and Payroll also have their own message for negative balances. If an employee has leave time avail