On the IRS payroll industry call August 3rd, 2017, the IRS requested payroll software providers to educate users of their software on the best practice approach for printing forms for mail to the IRS. The Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution provides the ability for users to print forms 1094-C and 1095-C. These forms can be printed and mailed to employees as well as the IRS. When users are printing forms to be sent to the IRS, there are a few important items to remember:

  1. Do not use the envelope version of the 1095-C. This copy should only be used for distribution to employees.
  2. Do not mask the employee SSN. The SSN should only be masked when distributing forms to employees.
  3. Do not include the instructions when printing forms. The IRS specifically requested that users not send the instructions with the forms.
  4. Do not duplex print the forms. Duplex printing is preferred when printing the copy for the employee with the instructions included, but not when creating a copy for mail to the IRS.
  5. When printing forms, ensure you select to print “Actual Size.”