Comprehensive Leave Manager version 12.0.16 – product improvements

  • Accrual YTD fills in the window then zeros and fills again
  • GP unexpectedly closes when closing Employee Leave Maintenance window before back ground process finishes
  • Waiting period and carry over date do not change when accrual based on is changed
  • Added hide 0.00 transactions to the Calculate Leave Accruals window
  • Added the ability to choose not to update the accrued though date for 0.00 transactions and not create a 0.00 lump sum transaction.


E-Mail Earnings Statements version 12.0.14 – product improvements

  • 2014 W-2 form changes
  • 2014 Year end update
  • Archive E-Mail Earnings Statements  is being stored in DATAEESEmployee
  • Change SMTP user field to 100 characters


FTE Manager (HRMSS EXT) version 12.0.12 – product improvements

  • FTE Manager improved copy Employee Position Maintenance functionality


Mid Pay Period Rate Changes version 12.0.11 – product improvements

  • Mid Pay Period Rate Changes divide by zero message


Negative Deductions Enhancements version 12.0.7 – product improvements

  • 4504 Remove build is not removing Negative Deductions Enhancements  transactions from work tables
  • Negative Deductions Enhancements report displays all users records


Paycheck What If Calculator version 12.0.17– product improvements

  • 4525 When completing using a batch the batch is left in a busy state


Negative Payroll Transactions

  • None


Overtime Hours Rules   

  • None


Life Insurance Tax Calculator

  • None


Enhanced Retirement Plans

  • None


Last Review: February 2, 2015 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013