If you receive errors when printing a report,  the first step to resolve the error is to recreate a reports dictionary.

The following are errors you can receive that would require you to recreate the reports dictionary.

Error: Undefined Symbol ‘F22013D22059APR Date’
Error: Key segment not found

Here’s how you recreate a Reports Dictionary:

1. Within Microsoft Dynamics GP, open the Customization Maintenance window (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Customization Maintenance)

2. Sort by product and select all the reports for the product you are recreating reports for

3. Select export and save the file

4. Open the Dynamics.set file to determine where the product reports dictionary file is located and the name.

 This shows the information in the set file for Comprehensive Leave Manager:

Recreate Reports Dictionary Image 1

Recreate Reports Dictionary Image 2

5. Navigate to the file location listed for the reports dictionary in the Dynamics.set file

6. Rename the reports dictionary to R5974.dic.bak or you can move to another directory

7. Open GP and login as ‘sa’

8. Login to Report Writer (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Repo