Yes, the leave transactions are in the APR_PTO20200 table. You can use SQL to remove transactions, if needed. Before deleting transactions, you may want to see if an adjustment using the Leave Transaction Entry or Leave Mass Transaction entry is a better option first. https://www.integrity-data.com/faq-items/kb-comprehensive-leave-manager-transaction-adjustments/.

If you decide to remove leave transactions from SQL, we recommend backing up the company database before you begin. Once you remove the transactions, the Reconcile SQL script will need to be ran to recalculate the balance and summary information. https://www.integrity-data.com/faq-items/kb-comprehensive-leave-manager-reconcile-sql-script/.

You can first start with a select statement to back up the existing table.

/*This statement will create a table APR_PTO20200BACKUP and enter all transactions from APR_PTO20200 into this new table.*/
Use TWO /*Enter your company database*/
Select * into APR_PTO20200BACKUP from APR_PTO20200

Next, we can use a Select statement to determine the records you want to remove.

Use TWO /* Enter your company database*/
Select * from APR_PTO20200
where EMPLOYID = ‘ACKE0001’ /*Enter your Employee ID instead of ACKE0001*/
and APRPTOCode = ‘VACN’ /*Enter your leave code instead of VACN*/

Once all the criteria is specified and the select statement returns the rows you want to remove then change the Select * from to Delete. When