Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 R2 2014 Year End Overview

Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 R2 2014 Year End Overview


The content of this post is outdated. If this Knowledge Base article applies to you, please contact support@integrity-data.com.

To upgrade Integrity Data products first open the Activation Manager screen within GP (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Activation Manager) and make note of all the products you have installed.  You will need to run the install on all machines, which currently have our products installed.  Once the database has updated the tables any users on an older version will get an error if they login to GP with the older version installed.  If you are unsure which machines have Integrity Data products installed, you can look at the Dynamics.set file on each machine (C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2013).  The Dynamics .set file will list all the products installed.  Now that you have all the products to upgrade and the machines that will need upgraded you can run the Microsoft Dynamics GP update.  Once Microsoft Dynamics GP has been updated you will follow the steps below to begin the Integrity Data installs. 

Prior to installing:

  • Confirm all users are logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Complete all payroll runs and validate no payroll runs are in process
  • Make a backup of the Company and Dynamics databases and the GP folder

Install Instructions

To install Integrity Data Products first downloaded the Integrity Data GP 2013 R3 Year End Setup.exe file and User Guide from our website.  If installing Employee Email Suite or Comprehensive Leave Manager, see additional product specific steps.  


The first machine you login to Microsoft Dynamics GP as system administrator after running the install will complete the SQL Server Component updates.  You will need to login as system administrator to each company to complete the upgrade.

    1. Copy the Integrity Data GP 2013 Setup.exe file to a local drive

    2. Right click Integrity Data GP2013 Setup.exe file and select “Run as Administrator”.  If you do not see this option, hold the shift key down and right click.

    3. Complete the steps in the wizard


    4. Verify the GP directory is correct if it is not select Change

    5. Select Custom to choose to install only the specific products you purchased. 

    6. Select Activation Components to only install activation manager files.  This option will not install products and it is typically ran under direction from support to address an error with activation components.

    7. Select All Components to install all Integrity Data products; this includes U-LINC and HRP.  The products you did not purchase will register with a 30-day trial period. 


      You will be prompted to uninstall the older version, select y. If you have multiple products, it will uninstall all products.

    8. Select the product(s) to install, if installing multiple products, select all that need to be installed.