Outlook 365

The recommended setup for sending with Office 365 is to select SMTP as the Email Method on the Email Suite Setup window within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The Employee E-Mail Suite does not support an Outlook Addin for Outlook 365.  Although you might be able to install the Addin for Office 365 and it might send we do not support the addin functionality on this version of Outlook. 


Outlook 2010 and 2013

We currently support and update an addin for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.  A separate addin is now available for Outlook 2016.  If you are using Outlook as the email method then you will need to verify the Integrity Data Email Companion is installed and Active in Outlook (File > Options > Addins).  

If the Integrity Data Email Security Addin is installed you will need to uninstall the Security Addin from the Control Panel and download the new Addin (Outlook Setup.exe file) from the website.  Please see the Employee E-Mail Suite User Guide for more detailed install instruct