An accrual leave code calculates based upon hours worked on selected pay code(s).  The system will always calculate leave accruals if a selected pay code, with hours associated to it, is processed through payroll for the employee.  The accrual calculation is designed to give an employee a certain number of hours for every one hour worked.  However, Comprehensive Leave Manager does allow flexibility in the set up to enable you to always calculate a certain number of hours regardless of the hours worked on the pay code.  Keep in mind, pay code types that do not include hours (Other, Piecework, etc.) will not calculate accrual amounts because the system requires hours to complete the calculation.  Below there are a few scenarios of how to use an accrual calculation factor.




A lump sum leave code gives an employee a specified amount on a specified date.  Once a lump sum has processed for a specific date, it would not reprocess for the same date.  The system waits until the next posting date to process and give