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28 06, 2019

Understanding the Standard Measurement Period (SMP) Setup and Report

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KB14-089 THE SMP SETUP:   It all begins with the SMP setup found in the Cloud navigation menu under Configuration>ACA Setup>Standard Measurement Period.  If you are new to the solution, you will need to use the New Schedule entry window.  We usually use Standard SMP 1 as the entry, then Save.  For those that have already [...]

2 07, 2018

Standard Measurement Period NEW Setup Schedule

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KB14-080 Integrity Data is always looking for new ways to improve the ACA solution experience.  The ACA solution has now been enhanced to include new features for eligibility tracking and Standard Measurement Periods. These new features will make eligibility tracking much easier to manage - Especially for employers with multiple types of Standard Measurement Periods.   [...]

2 05, 2016

Considerations if an Employee Declines Coverage (waives) for both a Monthly Measurement and a Lookback Measurement

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KB13-049 Q: We are on the monthly measurement method. A variable hour employee worked 130 hours in a month, we offered them coverage and they declined. Going forward, do we have to offer them coverage each time they work 130 hours in a month? A: No, an employer is credited with having made an offer [...]

2 05, 2016

Changing the Administrative Period of the Initial Measurement Period

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KB13-048 Q: I understand that initial measurement and standard measurement stability periods should be the same length in order to avoid gaps in coverage. However, with a 12 month stability period for both, I am struggling with the rule that the initial measurement and initial administrative period not exceeding 13 months. This leaves me with [...]

23 07, 2015

Advantages of the Look-Back Measurement Method over the Monthly Measurement Method

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KB13-019 Are you worried that, if you use the look-back measurement method to determine employee eligibility for health care coverage, you may be obligated to offering some employees coverage in their stability period when their hours drop below 30 a week? Do not sweat stability periods. What they really represent is a catch-up period, had an employer used the monthly measurement [...]

23 07, 2015

FT Waiting Period vs the Non-Assessment Period

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KB13-018 The non-assessment period refers to a limited period during which an employer will not be subject to an assessable payment under IRC Section 4980H(a)(b). This relief is automatic and applies: During the initial three full calendar months of employment for an employee reasonably expected to be a full-time employee at the start date, under [...]

23 07, 2015

Changing the Look-Back Measurement Period

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KB13-016 The IRS provided some flexibility in determining first-time eligibility starting in CY2015, knowing that employers would potentially change their look-back periods. Look-back measurement can be changed as long as the employer maintains the stability periods of the individual employees, whether that was determined from a standard or initial measurement period test. Employers have to [...]