Employee E-Mail Suite

29 03, 2016

How do I manually turn on the Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Employee E-Mail Suite?

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KB02-028Microsoft outlook will sometimes disable an add-in automatically.  Typically, this is based on how long it takes for an add-in to load at start-up.  If the add-in takes a significant amount of time to load, Outlook will automatically disable it. This means that the add-in will have to be manually turned on. When this occurs, [...]

30 09, 2015

Employee Email Suite Setups considerations to improve processing speed

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KB02-027The PDF File Location is where Employee Email Suite does all the work to create PDF files.  There are a few considerations when selecting this location.1.)     The local drive is the fastest option to create the PDF Files.  It does not have to connect to the network.2.)     Network drive – if the local drive is [...]

30 01, 2015

What version of Outlook is supported for Employee E-Mail Suite?

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KB02-025 Outlook 365 The recommended setup for sending with Office 365 is to select SMTP as the Email Method on the Email Suite Setup window within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The Employee E-Mail Suite does not support an Outlook Addin for Outlook 365.  Although you might be able to install the Addin for Office 365 and [...]

15 01, 2015

Tips for Emailing W-2 Statements at Year-End

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KB02-024 Get some great tips and product review from Julie Jensen, of our Support Team, in just 30 minutes! These tips will ensure you have what you need for a smooth year-end transition. WATCH: Tips for Emailing W-2 Statements at Year-End   SLIDE DECK: Tips for Emailing W-2 Statements at Year-End   Last Review:       February 2, 2015 - [...]

24 11, 2014

Sample Employee E-Mail and PDF Consent Form

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KB02-021 Sample E-Mail The following e-mail is an example only and uses the disclosure requirements set forth in IRS Publication 15a and Treasury Regulations Sub Chapter  C. Sec 31.6051-1(j). Email Subject:  IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT AVAILABLE Email Body: Fabrikam is pleased to offer W-2 statements via e-mail this year instead of the traditional paper copy! [...]