Hours of Service

7 09, 2016

FMLA (Unpaid Leave) is Needed for PT and FT Testing

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KB14-049 My question is, Can I enter FMLA, Unpaid Leave, just for my PT employees because those are the only ones being tested for eligibility? Not really. The reason you should use it for ALL employees is that if a full time employee decided to go part time, the employer is obligated to treat them [...]

27 05, 2016

Explanation of Hours of Service

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KB14-046 An Hour of Service is credited to an employee based on the following ACA Law criteria: Each hour for which an employee is paid, or entitled to payment, for the performance of duties for the employer, and Each hour for which an employee is paid, or entitled to payment by the employer for a [...]

13 05, 2016

Converting Non-Hourly Compensation to ACA Service Hours

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KB14-038 IRS regulations for ACA enforcement require an employer to find a “reasonable” method for converting an employee’s time to an hours-of-service equivalent, so that all their time can be accounted for. This Blog Link will help you to see how to track hours for the following special considerations: Piecework By the Catch – if [...]

19 02, 2016

Track FMLA Using the ACA Compliance Solution

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KB14-029 Q: Where in your system do I track FMLA and other Unpaid Leaves? A:  If an employee is on any Unpaid Leave for an extended period of time, you will need to enter those days on the Unpaid Leave page in configuration on the Cloud.   You will look up the employee ID then, [...]

10 11, 2015

Extra Hours Worked

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KB14-015 Question 1: How does Integrity Data handle coding if a company has employees who pick up hours?  Answer 1: For this scenario, the lookback measurement method is the best choice for employers with hourly paid workforces. If an employee is working more than 130 hours in some months, an employer would always be on [...]

24 07, 2015

Explanation of All Included in Hours of Service

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KB13-027 Correct: Jury duty and military duty must be accounted for in any ACA calculation of hours of service, regardless of whether the employee was paid for the hours. Tracking hours of service, not just paid hours of work, is the ACA standard for calculating full-time status – and thereby employee eligibility for an offer [...]

23 07, 2015

Tracking of Hours for Salespeople on a Commission-Only Basis

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KB13-023 Yes, you have to track their hours and you are required to use a reasonable method of crediting hours of service that is consistent with IRS Section 4980H. You also have to also take into account travel time for a salesperson compensated on a commission basis. Click Here for more about Hours of Service [...]