Negative Deductions

21 11, 2018

Why is Dynamics GP not withholding taxes from deduction reimbursements?

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KB06-004 Question: Why is Dynamics GP not withholding taxes from deduction reimbursements when they are paid out without other regular employee wages? Answer: When reimbursing business expenses (or Business Expense pay type transactions *NOT* marked as “Gross Wages”), Dynamics GP will not withhold “estimated” taxes from the reimbursement. For the sake of this statement, “estimated” [...]

10 06, 2015

What are additional features for Negative Deductions?

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KB06-003Correct automatic deductions: Not only can you correct “Transaction Required” deduction amounts, you can also correct automatically recurring deductionsAllows for dollar amount corrections to deductions that are based on percentage: You can specify the amount of an adjustment for all deduction methodsDeduction corrections will be reflected in the calculation of employee and employer tax amounts

24 04, 2014

How do I convert a deduction?

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KB06-001 Deductions that are fixed amount and transaction required can be entered as a negative deduction amount using existing Microsoft Dynamics GP core functionality. Entering negative deductions of other types (“special negative deductions”) relies upon Negative Deductions Enhancement to process a conversion. As such, the Convert Negative Deduction checkbox is checked by default. See below: [...]