Dynamics GP Payroll accounting tools

Whether you are experiencing payroll pains now or are planning for growth,
be sure you have the right GP payroll accounting tools that can keep up.

Employees are a valuable part of your successful organization. You rely on certain talents to manufacture and sell products or perform other customer services. However, this value comes at a cost, which is why businesses want their employees to be as productive as possible. High labor productivity can protect thinning profit margins. Improved productivity is not only good for the bottom line however, it’s also good for customer service. When employees can respond faster to customer needs, your customers will be satisfied, which can lead to long-term loyalty.

Keeping tabs on labor productivity is necessary for maintaining a healthy, profitable business, as well as for managing budgets, preparing estimates for customer proposals or strategizing future business plans. As such, many businesses rely on Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll software combined with our Dynamics GP Payroll solutions to streamline common daily tasks. These GP payroll accounting software tools also add consistency, reduce redundant data entry, and provide access to reliable real-time data.

“We have Employee Accounts and Splits and Negative Payroll Transactions from Integrity Data. We are using the employee splits to spread salaries to several programs. We like it because it allow our fringe benefits to also spread as the wages do and that is very important to us. We have too many employees to have to spread the benefit expenses by journal entry.

Also, I really like the included Support and Customer Care. When we were in our first year, there is lots of set up, training, and understanding of Dynamics GP that we had to do. It is nice to not feel like we have to solve the problem because it’s too expensive to call support.”

Nancy Pullum, The H Group