[WEBINAR] It’s Time for a Change: Spring into GP Payroll

[WEBINAR] It’s Time for a Change: Spring into GP Payroll2018-02-19T16:15:02+00:00


You likely spend hours of frustration every payroll period and continue going through the motions because…at least everyone’s getting their paycheck on time. 

This spring, attend “It’s Time for a Change: Spring into GP Payroll”

Leave with a solution that puts an end to your payroll exasperation and leaves you feeling content and refreshed.

  • Automatically email direct deposits and W-2 statements
  • Gain flexibility to track and manage unlimited leave codes and sick leave mandates
  • Easily refund automatic deductions
  • In one step, make payroll corrections and adjustments

The fix doesn’t have to be complicated to be impacting.


“Integrity Data is just a great tool to put on your system to make your life better…
Integrity Data, the name itself, lends credence to what they do and their products.”

–  Rob Gillespie | Premier Computing


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