Comprehensive Leave Management Software

Create and manage unlimited types of leave with varying rules in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll

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Leave Software Features

Distribute earnings statements via e-mail in a fraction of the time

Comprehensive Leave Management Testimonial from Cedar Hammock

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Track and manage unlimited leave codes including sick leave mandates in Microsoft Dynamics GP


Manage all of your unique leave plans in a single place


Manage all details of your leave plans


Quickly assign leave codes to one or to many employees


Report on leave balances and leave liability


Manage mandated paid sick leave

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ROI Calculator

Number of Leave Inquiries per pay period
Hours spent investigating each inquiry
Hours spent updating leave balances per pay period
Hours spent checking leave maximums each pay period
Hours spent sending reports to managers
Total hours spent per pay period
Number of pay periods
Hourly rate of resource managing leave
Annual Cost of Current Process
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See what customers are saying about Comprehensive Leave Manager

Sethi Management

“Comprehensive Leave Manager allows us to make better use of our time, stay within the same system to look up employee leave information, relay the information to our employees in a timely fashion, and allows the vacation used/earned to appear right on the pay stubs.” – Ganisha Sethi

Central Services Association

“Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager solution has made it possible to set up and manage many unique leave plans for our customers. I can always count on knowledgeable and friendly staff at Integrity Data to help with any set up questions.” – Tina Winters, Partner

Taos Mountain, Inc.

“We are users of Comprehensive Leave Manager and love it. We have, on average, 550 employees across the West and have found nothing Comprehensive Leave Manager cannot handle for us