PayActiv prevents and relieves employee stress at the root cause – employees’ unmet financial needs between paychecks.

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PayActiv is a holistic wellness platform that:

  • solves the small-dollar need for emergencies and cash droughts between paychecks by providing access to earned but unpaid wages.

  • provides other employee financial services at no additional cost; such as bill pay, financial counseling, prescription discounts, and lots more.

  • includes a revolutionary allocation and savings tool to help employees plan for the future.

Have a healthier, happier and more productive workforce with PayActiv

All this at no cost to the employer and a nominal ATM-type fee for the employee.

PayActiv Employee Financial Services Awards

On average, low to moderate income families pay more than $300/month in fees and interest

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

In 2014, people paid $120 billion to banks in overdraft and credit card fees & interest

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

In 2014, people paid $138 billion in fees and interest to access financial services

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

People living paycheck to paycheck, needing $400 go to:

Credit Card: high interest rates
Overdraft: pay bank penalty of $25, on average
Payday Loans: pay predatory interest rates
Borrow from family or ask employee: risk judgement, loss of personal dignity

*FRB Report on Economic Well-Being of US Households May 2015 


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See what businesses are saying about PayActiv

Gideon USA

“As a small business we found PayActiv to be the perfect solution. It allows our employees to use funds they’ve already earned in cases of financial emergency without causing undue burden to us as an employer. It’s simple to use for both the employee and the employer with highly attentive customer service. We’d absolutely recommend PayActiv to other employers!”

– Christine Walker | Human Resources Executive, Gideon USA

EMCO Industries

“We decided to use PayActiv as an alternative to giving employees in need of emergency funds a loan from company funds. We also wanted to add PayActiv to our benefits package to help attract and retain employees and your program fit the bill.”

– Manufacturing plant executive, EMCO Industries


Jersey Precast

“The employees did their part — they had done the work. We felt wherever possible, we should do our part by moving up their payday for part of their salary to cover an unexpected bill. Since this is a benefit that our people like, and that very few of our competitors offer, our people are less likely to look for another job.”

Amir Ulislam | CEO, Jersey Precast

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See what users are saying about PayActiv

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PayActiv Cost of Financial Stress Infographic

Cost of Financial Stress Infographic

PayActiv Fact Sheet

PayActiv Fact Sheet

PayActiv Changing How Workers Get Paid Whitepaper

Changing How Workers Get Paid Whitepaper

PayActiv Why Financial Wellness Infographic

Why Financial Wellness Infographic

PayActiv Financial Wellness for Hourly Employees Infographic

Financial Wellness for Hourly Employees Infographic

PayActiv Holistic Financial Wellness Platform Brochure

PayActiv Holistic Financial Wellness Brochure


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