PayActiv prevents and relieves employee stress at the root cause – employees’ unmet financial needs between paychecks.

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PayActiv is a holistic wellness platform that:

  • solves the small-dollar need for emergencies and cash droughts between paychecks by providing access to earned but unpaid wages.

  • provides other employee financial services at no additional cost; such as bill pay, financial counseling, prescription discounts, and lots more.

  • includes a revolutionary allocation and savings tool to help employees plan for the future.

Have a healthier, happier and more productive workforce with PayActiv

All this at no cost to the employer and a nominal ATM-type fee for the employee.

PayActiv Employee Financial Services Awards

On average, low to moderate income families pay more than $300/month in fees and interest

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

In 2014, people paid $120 billion to banks in overdraft and credit card fees & interest

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

In 2014, people paid $138 billion in fees and interest to access financial services

*2014 CFSI Underserved Market Size, R.K, Hammer

People living paycheck to paycheck, needing $400 go to:

Credit Card: high interest rates
Overdraft: pay bank penalty of $25, on average
Payday Loans: pay predatory interest rates
Borrow from family or ask employee: risk judgement, loss of personal dignity

*FRB Report on Economic Well-Being of US Households May 2015 


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Download the PayActiv Case Study “How Employee Financial Stress is Compromising the Retail Industry”

PayActiv Case Study How Employee Financial Stress is Compromising the Retail Industry Image

Mitigate Financial Stress for Hourly Workers to Improve Workplace Productivity, Retention, and Engagement.

PayActiv lays the foundational strength needed for retail profitability by granting employees access to their earned-but-unpaid wages. In this report, you’ll gain insights into:

  • How paramount employee financial wellness is to keeping up with changes in retail

  • The painstaking experiences retail employees face which compromise productivity

  • The simple solution to combating employee financial stress and improving retention

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Download the PayActiv White Paper “Changing How Workers Get Paid”

An estimated 90M workers in the US are living paycheck to paycheck and even a tiny financial shock can cause late fees, bank penalties and the need for very expensive payday advances. Clearly, waiting for payday is expensive. It is very very expensive AND it hurts businesses as well as its workers.

The industry needs a fintech solution that is not just a band aid but a debt-free fix to deal with financial shocks when they occur, along with a long term strategy to build savings.

Every week over $100 Billion is earned but remains unpaid because of inefficiencies of the current systems. Due to technological limitations, businesses pay employees either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Between paychecks, while waiting for pay, employees are incurring devastating costs and stress.

PayActiv has invented a fintech solution that eliminates the cost and stress, giving employees access to a portion of their earned wages, at the time when they need it the most.


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