ACA sledgehammer

29 01, 2016

Manage ACA compliance for Tax Year 2016: Know the IRS penalty risks

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By Helen Karakoudas | ACA Education Director, Integrity Data January 29, 2016 We know that you often hear of employers’ pay-or-play penalties under the Affordable Care Act in terms of $2,000 a year per full-time employee (for offering no coverage) and $3,000 a year per full-time employee (for offering noncompliant coverage). As with all mentions [...]

3 09, 2015

Take cover from ACA sledgehammer and tack hammer penalties

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Content updated on March 14, 2018 The penalty-assessment phase of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate has been in place as of January 1 2015  and enforcement started towards the end of 2017: high time for US companies to pay attention. Managing their penalty risk is crucial because consequences for not meeting the coverage mandate [...]