Employer risk ACA penalties

24 09, 2015

ACA Burdened Majority? Employers minding the spirit of the law

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When we first began talking with employers about Affordable Care Act compliance, the discussion always centered on ACA penalty risk management. Please click the image to enlarge. That was early 2012. In every case then, the employer introduced the topic. We came to think of our early clients as the Forced Minority [...]

3 09, 2015

Take cover from ACA sledgehammer and tack hammer penalties

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Content updated on March 14, 2018 The penalty-assessment phase of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate has been in place as of January 1 2015  and enforcement started towards the end of 2017: high time for US companies to pay attention. Managing their penalty risk is crucial because consequences for not meeting the coverage mandate [...]

26 06, 2015

Employer takeaway from King v. Burwell: Supreme Court nixes ACA avoidance

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With the U.S. Supreme Court taking the “where” factor out of individuals’ and families’ access to subsidies for health care, many businesses across the United States now have a regulatory call to action they can no longer ignore:Figure out how to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandateOr run [...]