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9 06, 2016

Employer Compliance with ACA Starts with Counting

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Employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act starts with counting. Counting an employee’s hours per week. Counting an employee’s hours per month. Counting an employee’s hours when they may not even be on the job. Counting an employee’s hours when you don’t compensate them according to time.Miss a step in any of these counts and [...]

9 12, 2015

ACA math to check the need for compliance: Excluding veterans from ALE count

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By Helen Karakoudas | ACA Education Director, Integrity DataWhen counting heads to see whether a business is large enough to need to comply with the Affordable Care Act, a company has to start by looking at the service hours of every worker. But in the tally toward that all-important threshold for an Applicable Large Employer [...]