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Significant Features to the ACA Compliance Solution

Year-End Wizard
The solution has been enhanced to include a year-end wizard which will step you through all of the necessary steps for closing out a year and preparing the system for the next years monthly reporting. This process includes verifying existing information, ensuring prerequisite information is in place for the reporting year, creating, reviewing, printing and emailing/mailing the IRS forms as well as automatically creating next year’s setup information. You will be able to easily see progress along the way and save your work as you go. The wizard will also assist you in sending your final forms to the IRS.

Removed IRS Mandated Values
You will no longer need to key in values for the Federal Poverty Line Amount and Percentage and the Break in Service Weeks. Instead, we will auto-populate these values for the appropriate year.

Easier Viewing of Year-End Information
We have added new reports to more easily review 1094-C & 1095-C information. In addition, new user interface components have been added to make it easier to preview your IRS forms. A new page has been added to allow you to see all forms previously created within the system.

Inactivate Your Accounts
System administrators can now inactivate user accounts to ensure certain users cannot access the system after an employment change, like termination or position changes.

Enhanced Company Selection
The solution has been enhanced to allow you to more easily select the appropriate company record, displaying information like EIN and company name, as well as a new “DBA” designation for companies that share an EIN.

Year-End Close Enhancements
The year-end closing process (the coding of the 1094/5-C forms) has been enhanced to handle some previously challenging user scenarios. The process can now more easily handle employees that work for multiple companies, have position changes, become subject to different health plans or measurement periods or have service breaks. For multi-EIN self-insured employers, your account can now be configured to identify the company which sponsors the ACA plan to ensure Part III of the 1095-C is populated for the correct company.  The year-end close process will now allow closing entire control groups at once rather than one company at a time. Break in service calculations have been added to the year-end process. These enhancements will ensure forms are properly coded for the correct companies.

Tracking Employment History
The solution has been enhanced to allow you to track historical employment information in order to ensure the system can correctly track changes in employment that may affect health insurance eligibility determinations. The import process has been enhanced to automatically create history records when importing changes, either through the Upload & Import Utility or through a connection from ERP systems.

ACA Employment Status Tracking
The solution will now allow you to assign an “ACA Employment Status” separate from an employment status. You no longer must change an employee’s employment status in order to properly configure an employee for eligibility and ALE determinations. The ACA Status Utility has been enhanced to allow you to automatically assign the correct ACA Employment Status based on hours of service. Employees can be set to be “Form Exempt”, allowing their service hours to be included in ALE determinations and 1094-C calculations without having a 1095-C form created for these employees.

1095-C Line 15 Overrides
You can now upload special transactions (Type 4) to override the line 15 amounts on the 1095-C. Rather than using values from the ACA plan, the solution now allows the year-end close process to calculate unique line 15 amounts for different employees.

Dynamics GP Cloud Connector enhancements
The following changes have been made to enhance usability within Dynamics GP
• Part-time employees stored as “Interns” within Dynamics GP can be stored as part-time in the Integrity ACA solution
• An employee ID range has been added for uploading employees
• Hourly & unit based transactions can now be factored by a multiplier as they are sent to the ACA solution
• Non-employee exports can be restricted based on the employees being sent to the ACA solution
• The main window has been simplified to ease use of the connector


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