Microsoft Dynamics® GP includes great Payroll and HR functionality in your Starter Pack license

And GP Payroll software gets the job done!

We make Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll and HR even better, getting the job done faster.

Integrity Data is a Gold Microsoft PartnerFor more than 20 years, we have leveraged feedback from Dynamics GP Payroll customers to develop many simple Dynamics GP payroll solutions that fill the gaps in GP Payroll. From managing leave benefits, complex payroll posting requirements or payroll corrections and adjustments; to automatically e-mailing direct deposit statements and W-2 statements or processing hypothetical payroll calculations, we make your people our priority.

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 Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP 

Benefits Management

Benefits Management

Gain flexibility to create and manage unlimited types of leave (mandatory sick leave, comp time, intermittent FMLA…) with varying rules, while automatically tracking detailed leave history.

Go to Leave Management >

Automate and enforce employer tiered matches and contribution limits (imposed by law or company policy) in retirement plans – even across multiple programs.

Go to Enhanced Retirement Plans >

Automatically calculate changes to an employees’ term life insurance tax when they experience a salary or age change.

Go to Life Insurance Tax Calculator >

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

Easily manage complex payroll posting requirements – such as splitting costs and expense distributions across multiple cost centers.

Go to Employee Accounts & Splits >

Budget and manage FTEs by fiscal year, department and position.

Go to FTE Manager >

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Manage and accurately apply pay rate changes that take effect in the middle of a pay period.

Go to Mid Pay Period Rate Changes >

Easily refund over-withheld deductions, such as health insurance or life insurance premiums.

Go to Negative Deductions >

Overtime Wage and Hour Laws are Changing

Set and enforce overtime rules and limits through configuration of daily, weekly, or by pay period overtime rules.

Go to Overtime Hours Rules >

Make payroll corrections and adjustments in just one step by entering a negative transaction rather than using time-intensive manual check transactions.

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