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The H Group

“We are using the Employee Accounts and Splits to spread salaries to
several programs. We like it because it allow our fringe benefits to also spread as
the wages do so we don’t have to spread the benefit expenses by journal entry.”
– Nancy Pullum

Software Pricing

1-100 employees
101-250 employees
251-500 employees
501-1000 employees
1001-2000 employees
Unlimited employees

Annual Enhancements: 20% of list price, includes all product updates and unlimited support

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ROI Calculator

Number of employee re-allocations per pay period
Hours per allocation spent on re-allocations - manual posts
Hours spent fixing posting errors after the fact
Hours spent reprinting reports because of posting errors
Hours spent moving employee costs to appropriate account
Total hours spent per pay period
Number of pay periods
Hourly rate of resource managing accounts
Annual Cost of Current Process


Employee Accounts and Splits Fact Sheet

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Employee Accounts and Splits User Guide

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Knowledge Base

Do you need a report detailing the splits assigned to employees?  The Employee Splits Maintenance window now prints this report detailing all employees or just a single employee.  When you open the window, you can select the Print option with no employee and split code selected.  This will print the report for all employees.  If you wish to print all the split codes assigned to one employee, then select an employee ID then select print.  The report will show all the split codes assigned to just this employee.

Table information for Employee Splits Maintenance window.

You can use table import to import data into the Employee Splits Maintenance window. (Click through to the Knowledge Base for screenshots.)

Split costs to specific GL account numbers or segments: posting exceptions can be accommodated, including the default wage GL account by assigning a specific GL account to the transaction(s) on the payroll transaction entry window.