Employee Accounts and Splits

Easily manage complex payroll posting requirements

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Manage complex payroll posting requirements in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Automatically split a salary employee’s costs across multiple
departments in Microsoft Dynamics GP


Split employee benefit costs and wages in
Microsoft Dynamics GP


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Number of employee re-allocations per pay period
Hours per allocation spent on re-allocations - manual posts
Hours spent fixing posting errors after the fact
Hours spent reprinting reports because of posting errors
Hours spent moving employee costs to appropriate account
Total hours spent per pay period
Number of pay periods
Hourly rate of resource managing accounts
Annual Cost of Current Process
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Employee Accounts and Splits Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Employee Accounts and Splits User Guide

User Guide

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Table information for Employee Splits Maintenance window.

You can use table import to import data into the Employee Splits Maintenance window.Table Info for EAS Image 1Table Info for EAS Image 2Table Info for EAS Image 3Table Info for EAS Image 4