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Integrity Data’s first priority is your success. Our Customer Care Team is available to you whether you’re transitioning from another ACA reporting service or brand new to dealing with Affordable Care Act employer compliance.

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“Your ACA Compliance Solution software and service are some of the best I’ve encountered in 30 some years in the IT world.”

Jeff Roeckel | Controller, Scranton Craftsmen

“Integrity Data provided us with a streamlined solution that simplified ACA reporting. Integrity Data’s team was exceptional at on-boarding and continued support and service throughout the reporting year. The system was easy to use, navigate, and made the e-filing process painless.”

Magen Koepp | Employee Benefit Plan Specialist, Olsen Thielen & Co.

“I was amazed at how quickly 1095-Cs were generated once the data is all there. And once generated, you can print them in different file formats and sort orders. It is literally as easy as a few clicks.

“Invaluable to this process was the support I received from the staff at Integrity Data. They were all willing to help, extremely knowledgeable, kind, PATIENT and responsive – besides being a pleasure to talk to!”

Kelly Harris, CEBS | Benefit Information Specialist, eni, March 14, 2016
“I am assuming a Benefits Manager position after last serving in a benefits role about 5 years ago. Although I have read everything about the ACA I could find over the past few years, there is literally an avalanche of requirements and reporting to learn about quickly.

“Your publications are an invaluable resource to me now and going forward as I continue to get up-to-speed on the ACA.”

John P. Buselt | Benefits Manager, WoodSpring Hotels, March 3, 2016
“You guys are awesome!

“I love how you guys go above and beyond to help your customers. Recording the ACA User Group webinars helps all clients learn from them.

“Guidance like this is always good.”

Nanda DeRoulet | HRIS Analyst, WoodSpring Hotels
“A great tool for our consulting firm…the Integrity Data folks are in-depth experts on the ACA’s look-back, stability period, and safe harbor methods. The ACA Compliance Solution does everything you need to make compliance somewhat simple (if that is truly possible with this legislation).”
Rob Craddock, CEBS | HR Director, Summit Consulting, LLC

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“In today’s constantly changing healthcare regulatory environment, employers need as much
guidance as possible so they focus on running and growing their businesses.
We see Integrity Data’s ACA reporting services enabling our member clients to do just this.”

– Perry Braun, Executive Director of the Benefit Advisors Network


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Waubonsee Community College

“I am so glad I found your company and we decided to use your ACA Compliance Solution. The ease of use and knowledge of staff has been great.”
– Danielle D. Depke, HR System Analyst

Cheyenne Petroleum Co.

“The benefit of not having to manually track hours is a huge savings for us. Our human capital can be utilized on more pressing company objectives to get the maximum return on investment. We have used other solutions that were not as versatile or flexible. This product has worked great for us and we will remain clients.”
– Dana Ruimveld, HR Generalist


Refugio Memorial Hospital

“Being new to this ACA process was killing me. Whenever I had questions or problems, I knew I could email and get my problems resolved quickly. Thanks for being so patient with me. The Integrity Cloud Connector works great and freed up so much time for me.”
– Jennifer O’Donnell, Payroll Clerk

HealthBack Home Health

HealthBack Home Health

“The only solution that made sense with the least amount of work for us was Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance solution. Their ACA solution was the only one that allowed us to use what we already have and keep everything in-house…”
– Sabrina Spencer, COO

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Central Service Association

Central Service Association

“Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance Solution helped us give our members a peace of mind and saved them from IRS penalties… Their programmers are top-notch and they are all so easy to work with.”
– Jeffrey Newell, Senior Information System Representative

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“Integrity Data had a head start on the law from the very beginning. They kept up on all the IRS changes and now have a few years under their belt, whereas Microsoft Dynamics GP is just gearing up.”
– Cheryl Johnson, Benefits Specialist

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“Our company signed up with Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance Solution in 2015
and started using Premium Support Services for the 2017 filing season…

I was so happy and relieved when they called to help me get my 2017 year closed and forms printed.
Within 30 minutes we had done everything, including sending the IRS reports. What a relief! These guys rock!”

– Kathy Starr, Woodfield, Incorporated


As an ACA reporting vendor, we want to make sure you have the best resources at your fingertips including our ACA Education page which will help you understand the mandate and how it applies to your business. 


Integrity Data's ACA Compliance Solution Fact Sheet

ACA Compliance Solution Fact Sheet

ACA Compliance Feature Functionality

ACA Compliance Feature Functionality

ACA Compliance Solution Client Successes

Client Successes

ACA Compliance Solution User Guide

ACA Compliance Solution User Guide

ACA Implementation Services Document

ACA Implementation Services

ACA Support Services

ACA Support Services

Knowledge Base

As stated in the final regulations that, on February 10, 2014, implemented the employer responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): “Factors to consider include, but are not limited to, whether the employee is replacing an employee who was or was not a full-time employee, the extent to which employees in the same or comparable positions are or are not full-time employees, and whether the job was advertised, or otherwise communicated to the new hire or otherwise documented (for example, through a contract or job description), as requiring hours of service that would average 30 (or more) hours of service per week or less than 30 hours of service per week.”

Again, according to the final regulations: “Based on the facts and circumstances at the employee’s start date, the employer cannot determine whether the employee is reasonably expected to be employed on average at least 30 hours of service per week during the initial measurement period because the employee’s hours of service are variable or otherwise uncertain.”

Part III was added in order to track dependent coverage for self-insured plans. The instructions are specific: “Complete Part III ONLY if the employer offers employer-sponsored self-insured health coverage in which the employee enrolled. This part must be completed by an employer offering self-insured health coverage for any employee who enrolled in the coverage, regardless of whether the employee is a full-time employee.”

Unless the employer’s policy is self-insured, you will not put anything in Part III of Form 1095-C. A self-insured group health plan (or a “self-funded” plan, as it is also called) is one in which the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees. Self-insured employers pay for each out-of-pocket claim as those claims are incurred instead of paying a fixed premium to an insurance carrier – the arrangement known as a fully-insured plan. Even though these plans are called self-insured plans, an employer typically does not assume 100% of the risk for catastrophic claims. Rather, the employer buys a form of insurance known as stop-loss or excess-loss insurance to reimburse the employer for claims that exceed a predetermined level.