Why use the Integrity Data ACA Employer Penalty Calculator?

ACA Penalties ImageLet’s be honest. ACA employer penalties are a hard fact about the Affordable Care Act compliance, no one is thrilled about them and the IRS is not messing around. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation and need to know what those penalties may add up to.

With the ACA fine now up to $280 ($560 if Intentional Disregard) per required 1095-C, there is a lot at risk if you don’t comply – and this goes for past reporting years, too.

Who is at risk of being penalized?

  • Employers who fail to comply, fail to comply on time, or fail to properly document their compliance can face stiff financial penalties. The IRS continues to raise these penalty amounts each filing year.

  • Penalties apply to employers who fail to offer any coverage, or who offer coverage that does not provide Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to at least 95% of their full-time workers.

  • Penalties also apply to employers whose coverage offerings fail to meet a standard for quality and/or affordability. Non-filing penalties apply to employers who fail to file forms or fail to file accurate information in a timely manner. Are you offering affordable coverage?

Use our ACA Employer Penalty Calculator to find out what your penalty amount could be. >>