FFCRA Paid Sick Leave US MapLast updated April 20, 2020

The current Family First Coronavirus Response Act legislation (FFCRA) and subsequent guidance issued from the Department of Labor and the IRS can be distilled to a few items that could impact users of Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Comprehensive Leave Manager. There are two parts to FFCRA: Paid Sick Leave Act & Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act which impact sick leave. This blog post will cover FFCRA Paid Sick Leave Act; click here to read our summary about Medical Leave Expansion Act (E-FMLA).

Below is a list of suggested best practices in terms of how to configure your Dynamics GP system to handle the paid sick leave requirements. For more information on what the laws include, who is covered, what is required and how to provide it, you can view this blog on the Integrity Data site or download a flyer on published guidance from DOL.

This post merely focuses on the steps needed to comply as quickly as possible and should be manageable whether you have the Integrity Data Comprehensive Leave Manager solution or not.

  •  Information on how to use Comprehensive Leave Manager is covered in Addendum A
  •  Information on Using Overtimes codes instead of linked pay codes in Addendum B

Every situation can be different, but in general employers need to:

  • Establish special sick time available to full and part time employees
  • Make this time available starting April 1, 2020
  • Allow employees to take this leave time in certain scenarios at certain rates
  • Track this for purposes of later reimbursement by IRS/Treasury

We have broken the process for Coronavirus Paid Sick Leave into these steps:

STEP 1 – Determine the number of Paid Sick Leave hours each employee should receive

STEP 2 – Setup Pay Codes in Dynamics GP to pay the employees for the Paid Sick Leave

STEP 3 – Payment to an employee for use of Paid Sick Leave

STEP 4 – Validating that employees have not exceeded the aggregate time allowed the daily limit on hours paid out

STEP 5 – Posting the paid time to the GL to setup for tracking tax credits