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Easily correct over-withheld deductions

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Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

“Negative Deductions Enhancement allows us to refund employee deductions with ease and confidence that we are doing it correctly the first time, especially when it comes to pre-tax deductions. I love that we can be more accurate with our payroll data, yet spend less time on the payroll correction process – no more ‘payroll-smithing’ on my end!” – Theresa Belt, CFO

Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

“I LOVE Negative Deductions Enhancement. I never have to worry about doing the manual checks now; moving it from earnings to deductions.” – Trisha Tretter, Payroll Specialist

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Knowledge Base

No. Negative Deductions Enhancement does not make adjustments to benefits.

Deductions that are fixed amount and transaction required can be entered as a negative deduction amount using existing Microsoft Dynamics GP core functionality. Entering negative deductions of other types (“special negative deductions”) relies upon Negative Deductions Enhancement to process a conversion. As such, the Convert Negative Deduction checkbox is checked by default.

However, the system does support turning off the conversion process if you wish to process a “special negative deduction” without benefit of a conversion. ***Please note that this may generate unexpected results as the core Microsoft Dynamics GP environment does not support this natively. It is advisable to consult all build and calculate reports before attempting this in a live environment.

  • Correct automatic deductions: Not only can you correct “Transaction Required” deduction amounts, you can also correct automatically recurring deductions
  • Allows for dollar amount corrections to deductions that are based on percentage: You can specify the amount of an adjustment for all deduction methods
  • Deduction corrections will be reflected in the calculation of employee and employer tax amounts