Gross-Up Payroll Calculator & Paycheck “What If”

Perform hypothetical net pay or gross-up calculations in seconds in Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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In life, there’s a hard way and an easy way to do everything.

The same is true for time-consuming
employee “what if” questions…


See how Paycheck “What If” Calculator
automated Kathy’s tasks in Dynamics GP

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Quickly answer your employee’s pay modeling questions


Easily perform a gross-up calculation
with our gross up pay calculator


Empower your employees to answer their own paycheck modeling questions


1 step to calculate multiple gross-up wage calculations

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Speedy Cash, The Money Box

“Paycheck ‘What If’ Calculator is a great time saver! Having all the information you need on one screen makes running different scenarios so much easier, for example, grossing-up employee anniversary payments. We used to use an online payroll calculator and had to go back and forth between Dynamics GP and the web. No more wasting time by jotting down pay rates, deductions and tax information, then entering these amounts in an online calculator. Just select an employee and all the information is ready to go.” – Landon Russell

Bedford County Public Service Authority


“We love Paycheck ‘What If’ Calculator. It makes life so much easier during open enrollment when employees are electing their benefits and determine their filing status and exemptions. Thanks for providing such a great tool!” – Jill Underwood

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101-250 employees
251-500 employees
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1001-2000 employees
Unlimited employees

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Paycheck What If and Gross-up Calculator Fact Sheet

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Paycheck What If Calculator User Guide

Download Paycheck What If and Gross-Up Calculator User Guide