Mid Pay Period Rate Changes

Manage and apply pay rate changes that take effect in the middle of a pay period

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Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc

“With Mid Pay Period Rate Changes we no longer have issues when we
have a pay change or start date for an employee that is not at the beginning of a
pay period. No more trying to coordinate which pay code needs to be left in place
and which one needs to be manually keyed. Especially when dealing with a salaried
employee, no more chance of sending a pay check for the full two week period since
everything is kept track of automatically.” – Leigh Ann Perry

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1-100 employees
101-250 employees
251-500 employees
501-1000 employees
1001-2000 employees
Unlimited employees

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Mid Pay Period Rate Changes Fact Sheet

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Mid Pay Period Rate Changes User Guide

Download Mid Pay Period Rate Changes User Guide


Knowledge Base

The Mid Pay Period Rate Changes window now displays the current rate assigned to a pay code in addition to the old rate.  The current rate is the rate assigned to the employee and pay code on the Employee Pay Code Maintenance window.

  • Supports salaried (exempt) and hourly (non-exempt) employees’ mid pay period rate changes
  • Integrates seamlessly with blended overtime calculations: overtime rates are recalculated to ensure the base rate is correct when mid pay period rate adjustments occur

Yes, the system applies the rate changes to both pay code types.